7 days in healthcare (25th-31st July, 2022)



From the point of view of biomedicine, it should be noted that the origin of acute childhood hepatitis has been discovered, it turns out to be due to a co-infection of two viruses, ruling out covid as the cause of this disease. Major advances by a group of Yale scientists in the treatment of brain tumors, specifically aggressive glioblastoma multiforme, using molecules that attack tumor DNA. Deep Mind (a company of the Alphabet group, parent of Google) launches an algorithm capable of identifying the structure of proteins. It seems that this advance may be of great importance for the discovery of new drugs.

As far as Global Health is concerned, air pollution is a public health emergency, according to the British Medical Journal. The WHO reaches an agreement on a treaty on pandemics, which should be agreed in May-2024.

Regarding international health policy, mention should be made of the declaration by the WHO of monkeypox as a global public health emergency, which is justified by the existence of more than 17,300 cases in more than 70 countries. It seems that it is confirmed that covid-19 originated in the live animal market in Wuhan (China).

If we talk about national health policy (Spain), two deaths in Spain as a result of monkeypox (in both cases due to encephalitis). At the present time there is only one other case of death from this disease in Brazil. The incidence of covid-19 drops very significantly, moving us away from the peak of the seventh wave.

In the field of companies, it should be noted that Fujijilm is going to be transformed into a health company. Teladoc’s notable financial losses. Vivalto Santé, an important French group, acquires the property of Ribera through the sale of Centene Corporation.


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