Why a blog?

Basically, because I think I can contribute with certain reflections on the healthcare world and, at the same time, perhaps these considerations might interest someone. With this interest and the sharing of opinions, we can develop our points of view together and gain a better insight.

I would like this blog to contain not only what I can write but also other opinions, not necessarily aligned with mine, and even videos, podcast or links, so the experience of this blog could be enlarged.

Any principles for this blog?

I believe in the healthcare systems of industrialized countries, with the common characteristics of basic public financing and universal access. In fact, what we are seeing in some emerging countries (China, Turkey, Brazil…) is how they are evolving towards a healthcare system of universal coverage. Beyond that, I don’t believe in models but in certain values to be preserved. I also think that a good healthcare policy and management is based on the balanced incorporation of three elements:

  • Professionalism, based on the values of doctors and nurses, which should be respected and boosted, affording certain organizational autonomy to these professionals.
  • “Command and control”, a certain strategic orientation of the system and certain elements of control for it and healthcare organizations.
  • Market elements, so as to stimulate the competition, avoiding monopolies, whether public or private. Some people say that competition doesn’t provide value to the healthcare system, but I don’t agree.

Any one of these recipes taken in isolation is highly dangerous and even lethal. This is why a balance must be established. The balance will always be unsteady, but the three components are a must.

I also believe in a healthcare industry as a space for private and public institutions and companies, sometimes competing among them, albeit sharing certain values, such as providing a service to patients and citizens and health improvement. And as an industry not only of traditional players but also of new entrants.

Hence, the opinions. We should try to incorporate them based on news, but always allowing us a more general reflection.




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