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7 days in healthcare (June 17th-23rd, 2024)

    Summary Biomedicine 20 years of progress in the treatment of lung cancer. Until the 2000s, lung cancer was a lethal disease with very limited treatment options, based on platinum-based chemotherapy, which gave one-year survival in 33% of patients with advanced disease. In the last 20 years there has been incredible progress, always based […]

7 days in healthcare (June, 10th-16th, 2024)

    Summary Biomedicine 40 years after the discovery of Helicobacter pylorii. The discovery of Helicobacter pylorii 40 years ago revolutionized the treatment of gastritis, peptic ulcer and stomach cancer, leading to Barry Marshall and Robin Warren being awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2005. This discovery transformed an incurable disease into one treatable […]

7 days in healthcare (June 3rd-9th, 2024)

  Summary Biomedicine Scientists who have revolutionized the treatment of obesity win the Princess of Asturias Award. This is the Canadian Daniel J Drucker; by the Danish Jens Juul Holst; and the Americans Jeffrey M Friedman, Joel F Habener and Stevlana Mojsov, whose research has culminated in several drugs to combat diabetes and obesity, such […]

7 days in healthcare (May 27th-June 2nd, 2024)

  Summary Biomedicine A blood test would allow predicting breast cancer: This possible advance is celebrated as a great step in the prediction of breast cancer at the Congress of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, held in Chicago. Test to detect people at high risk of prostate cancer: Current PSA tests are not specific […]

7 days in healthcare (May 20th-26th, 2024)

  Summary Biomedicine Hope for quadriplegics: A promising non-invasive technique can offer hope to quadriplegics with paralyzed legs, with something as simple as electricity and exercise. Trial with 60 patients in three countries. Promising trial in glioblastoma multiforme: A team from the University of Florida has announced the development of an mRNA vaccine. Although it […]

7 days in healthcare (May 20th-26th, 2024)

  Summary Biomedicine Other uses of weight loss drugs: Weight loss drugs can reduce heart attacks by 20%, in what could be the biggest advance in this disease since statins. Possible cheaper MRI equipment: A cheaper MRI machine can democratize access. MRIs have meant a spectacular advance in medicine by allowing images of soft tissues. […]

7 days in healthcare (May 6th-12th, 2024)

  Summary Biomedicine The enigma of the brain: The Economist highlights the enigma that the brain represents, made up of hundreds of trillions of cells that generate precise electrical impulses, which influence thoughts, memory and emotions, recommending 8 books on the subject, of which two They refer to the contributions of Ramón y Cajal, whom […]

7 days in healthcare (April 29th-May 5th, 2024)

  Summary From the point of view of Biomedicine, apart from advances in biological sciences, the American Journal of Medicine reflects in open articles on two very new elements in the new medical practice: what face-to-face contacts with the patient represent versus digital ones and the importance of Artificial Intelligence in the doctor-patient relationship. Digital […]

7 days in healthcare (April 22nd-28th, 2024)

  Summary From the point of view of Biomedicine, AI makes it possible to detect the origin of metastatic cancer. An algorithm examines images of metastatic cells to identify the primary location of the tumor. Currently the origin of up to 5% of all tumors cannot be identified. If this is confirmed, the concept of […]

7 days in healthcare (15th-21st, 2024)

  Summary From the point of view of Biomedicine, after an extensive study it is detected that in approximately 1 in 10 cases of multiple sclerosis, antibodies are detected in the blood years before the disease develops. It may be too early to draw conclusions about the repercussions of this finding. As far as Global […]