7 days in healthcare (September 12th-18th, 2022)



From the point of view of biomedicine, immunotherapy (in colon cancer) and CAR-T therapies (in lupus) continue to expand their therapeutic possibilities. Advances against infections for resistant bacteria. Will there ever come a time when cancer can be diagnosed by a simple blood test? This possibility does not seem very remote, according to papers presented at the meeting of the European Society of Medical Oncology.

Regarding Global Health, an important work directed by Jeffrey Sachs and published by The Lancet on the delays and errors of both governments and the WHO in dealing with the covid pandemic, which could have produced 17.7 million of  deaths, many of them preventable.

Regarding international health policy, the WHO says that the end of the covid pandemic may be in sight, although at the same time a new variant (BJ.1) of covid is evident in Europe. Important debate in Europe (Scotland and France) on euthanasia and assisted death. The French Ethics Committee opens the door to this possibility. The financing of the American FDA was questioned, due to its great economic dependence on the pharmaceutical industry. Biden launches a speech commemorating Kennedy’s in 1962 when he decided to go to the Moon, but this time oriented towards the fight against cancer.

If we talk about national health policy (Spain), the PDeCAT presents an amendment to the entire equity law, which it accuses of interfering in regional powers and of confusing agreement with privatization. Surprising statements from the Ministry of Health in a parliamentary response, saying that its functions in relation to the waiting lists are only to inform and monitor, as if it did not have the possibility of signing agreements with the communities to address this problem or of launching other actions. Concern, there are even demonstrations in the street, of the relatives of the elderly admitted to residences. The Community of Madrid announces that it will reduce the waiting lists by half. Although we would like it not to be the case this time, this announcement is preceded by other similar ones from different governments, which always came to nothing in terms of effectiveness. The search for solutions by the Ministry of Finance to the MUFACE model, highly impacted by inflation, seems to recognize its underfinancing.

In the field of companies, from the international point of view, important success for Sanofi, with its new vaccine against bronchiolitis. In Spain, important corporate movements in Korian, HM Hospitales, Miranza and Ribera.


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