7 days in healthcare (July 18th-24th, 2022)



From the point of view of Biomedicine, it is worth highlighting the finding published by “Science” that in covid the continuous appearance of variants is the new normality, but the appearance of a totally new variant cannot be ruled out. We must also highlight the very promising advances published in the treatment of the most aggressive form of breast cancer (the triple negative form) by a group of Spanish scientists, led by Javier Cortés.

As far as Global Health is concerned, it is worth noting the efforts of the WHO to establish 2030 as the year of elimination of viral hepatitis, which produces more cases and deaths per year than HIV. The covid pandemic has produced a global decrease in vaccination in children.

Regarding international health policy, the WHO declares monkeypox an international public health emergency. New waves of extreme heat are expected.

If we talk about national health policy (Spain), with 3,125 cases, Spain leads the cases of monkeypox in the world. As for covid, there is a peak in admissions to the ICU and deaths already exceed those of June. It is estimated that 510 deaths from the heat wave in the last week. Published in the BOE the new Royal Decree on Specialties in Health Sciences. Publication of the Health Barometer (2nd wave, 2022), which shows that the average time to see a primary care physician is 8.88 days.

In the field of companies, it should be noted that Amazon buys One Medical, entering more and more into the core of the health activity. Important Farmaindustria manifestos, to favor the rapid incorporation of innovations; and AESEG, to promote greater use of generics.


Global health

International health policy

  • Monkeypox
    • The WHO declares monkeypox an international public health emergency, putting this disease at the level of covid-19, Ebola and polio. Overall, the global risk from monkeypox is low, except in Europe. More than 16,000 cases have been registered so far, mostly in men who have sex with men (https://www.ft.com/content/562fc24e-1b34-4ac6-a32a-42172a5f82b6)

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