7 days in healthcare (1st-7th August 2022)




From the point of view of biomedicine, to highlight the use of monoclonal antibodies to combat malaria; also the return to life of cells and tissues in dead pigs, which may be important in transplants; and, the fact that the genomic map of chronic lymphatic leukemia has been completed, which, sooner or later, will have consequences in the treatment of this disease.

As far as Global Health is concerned, the poor preparation of most countries in the face of the increasingly frequent heat waves is confirmed, according to The Lancet.

As for international health policy, the United States declares monkeypox a public health emergency, the Administration covering itself up against certain accusations of slowness in dealing with this problem; global decline in the number of covid cases, particularly in Europe. Problems continue in the United States due to restrictions on abortion. Three news to highlight in the United States: the number of uninsured reaches the record low figure of 8%; the American Democrats have a majority in Congress within reach to approve the law that tries to reduce the price of medicines, by way of allowing Medicare to negotiate prices; and, finally, for the first time in decades, health spending in the United States fell in the first quarter of 2022, although it is doubtful that this will continue.

If we talk about national health policy (Spain), monkeypox continues with a very high number of infected people and a shortage of vaccines; large drop in the incidence of covid. Great and difficult to justify delay in the report commissioned by the Ministry of Health from experts on the management of the covid pandemic. Surely there will be more than technical analysis problems in the cause of this delay. The doctors of the private health, threaten with the copayment, before what they consider low rates of the insurers.

In the field of companies, Pfizer continues with its aggressive policy of buying companies, while the growth of Quirónsalud, which already exceeds 2 billion euros in turnover, should be highlighted.


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