7 days in healthcare (August 7th-13th, 2023)



From the point of view of Biomedicine, the NEJM insists on the need to prepare doctors for the new era of clinical algorithms, since misuse of these algorithms can be dangerous for patients. MIT advances may make conventional mammograms obsolete, as a “wearable” device can detect breast cancer using ultrasound. New facts are detected in relation to the growth of resistance to antibiotics: a species of virus parasites and air pollution. In any case, the United Nations says that by 2050 these resistances could represent more than 10 million deaths a year. Walking 4,000 steps a day can lower your risk of death from any cause.

As regards Global Health, Chris van Tulleken, famous doctor and TV presenter, is publishing a book on “ultra-processed food”, those whose manufacturing process makes them rich in calories, poor in nutrients and difficult to stop eating them, which poses a major health threat. In the United States, cases of syphilis are increasing, while penicillin to treat them is in short supply, given the low interest in the production of antibiotics by pharmaceutical companies.

Regarding International Health Policy, it should be noted that the WHO monitors the new variant of covid (EG.5), although it classifies its impact on public health as low. In the United Kingdom, a laboratory is created capable of launching new vaccines 100 days after the start of any pandemic. Let us remember that in the case of the covid the term was one year, which already represented a remarkable feat, something never seen before. Also in the United Kingdom, both private equity companies and the CEO of AXA, detect great business opportunities in the face of the great crisis of the National Health Service, something that should not surprise anyone, since the market is characterized by solving unsatisfied problems for what the population is willing to pay. The Nuffield Trust publishes its monthly monitoring of NHS performance, with particular monitoring of test and surgical waiting lists, cancer waiting lists, emergency room waiting times and ambulance response. A laudable initiative, which could well be imitated in our country.

If we talk about National Health Policy (Spain), although the measurement of the covid is not as rigorous as a few months ago, there are indirect indications that the incidence must be rising, as shown in the large increase in the sale of the antigen tests. The Sant Pau hospital begins an ambitious multidisciplinary Robotic Surgery program, which includes five surgical teams. Madrid launches the figure of the administrative assistant in Primary Care, something hopeful, but whose results will have to be seen.

In the field of Companies, internationally, Novo Nordisk and Lilly ready to conquer the promising obesity market. At the national level, anti-obesity drugs also enter our country, although of the three that exist (Ozempic and Wegoby, from Novo Nordisk; and Mounjaro, from Lilly) in Spain, only Ozempic is available and the public system only prescribes it for type 2 diabetes, not for obesity. The consolidation of the nursing home sector accelerates: Colisée, Vitalia, Clariane (formerly Korian), Domus Vi and Vivalto Vie, the most active players.


Global Health

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National Health Policy

  • Public health innovations
    • Hospital Sant Pau starts a multidisciplinary Robotic Surgery Program that includes five surgical teams. Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery (HBP), Bariatric and Esophagogastric, Colon and Rectal, Gynecology and Thoracic Surgery (https://gacetamedica.com/profesion/el-hospital-sant-pau-inicia-un-programa-de-cirugia-robotica-multidisciplinary-that-includes-five-surgical-teams/#:~:text=They are%20five%20the%20surgical%20teams,and%20Thoracic%20Surgery%20(CTO).)
    • Madrid eliminates the bureaucracy of doctors with the figure of the administrative assistant (https://www.redaccionmedica.com/autonomias/madrid/madrid-empieza-a-liberar-de-burocracia-a-sus-medicos-con-una-new-figure-4733)





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