7 days in healthcare (July 17th-23rd, 2023)



From the point of view of Biomedicine, important editorial and several articles in The Economist on the problems of reproduction and in vitro fertilization. Since this technique began, 45 years ago, more than 12 million children have been born thanks to it. The issue is extremely important considering that one in six people suffer from infertility. IVF is experiencing an extraordinary “boom”. Important article from The New York Times on the demographic changes that will give rise to a whole new world in terms of population distribution. Some skepticism about the effects of Donamebad on the evolution of Alzheimer’s.

When it comes to Global Health, The Economist looks at why the malaria vaccine has taken so long to develop. This is apparently due to cycle changes of the Plasmodium parasite. Singapore is a world leader in the marketing of cultured meat, which is possibly called to change many things in our eating habits.

Regarding International Health Policy, the WHO in its weekly covid monitoring newsletter on covid warns that, although the number of new cases and mortality are falling, this disease continues to be a threat, which requires maintenance of surveillance systems and periodic reports. The National Health Service, despite its deep crisis, continues to be a benchmark in terms of reflections on health and health systems. This time the King’s Fund is publishing a report on the kind of participatory leadership needed in the healthcare system.

If we talk about National Health Policy (Spain), we want to highlight the interesting book “Conversations for better health”, which consists of deep and nuanced reflections on many topics, carried out by two consolidated values in Spanish healthcare arena (Jesús María Fernández Díaz and José Martínez Olmos): the importance of Public Health, the need for the Public Health Agency, the opacity of our system in terms of information on results and quality, financing, co-payment, the challenges of Primary Care, the necessary new care model, the contributions of digital health, etc. When improvisations and light comments abound, often made from advertising or simple communication, this conversation between two experienced experts, who treasure experience and knowledge, is a must read. It can be purchased on Amazon.

In the field of Companies, internationally, there are two great opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry, one in the short term, such as all medications against obesity and Alzheimer’s, and another in the longer term, such as anti-aging therapies.


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