7 days in healthcare (February 6th-12th, 2023)



From the point of view of Biomedicine, vaccines against cancer; precision surgery in lung cancer; the use of bacteriophage viruses against antibiotic resistant bacteria; stem cells for a wide variety of diseases; and micromotor robots, great promise in the development of new advances in medicine.

With regard to Global Health, it should be noted that 839 million people around the world cannot eat with dignity, for various reasons; the magazine Nature calls for a treaty against new pandemics, since it estimates that the covid represented “a catastrophic failure of the international community in achieving solidarity and equity”. The malaria pandemic is still active in more than 30 countries .

Regarding International Health Policy, in the United States the practices of certain pharmaceutical companies to prevent the entry of generics and biosimilars are denounced. International effort in the search for antibiotics to combat bacterial resistance.

If we talk about National Health Policy (Spain), the incidence of the covid has a small rebound, hopefully in a context of falling incidence, although high mortality persists. The Spanish Public Health Agency, whose bill has just been approved, possibly the most important consequence of the covid crisis. The conflict of public health continues, focused on Primary Care. The Constitutional Court recognizes the constitutionality of the abortion law of deadlines. AESEG and BIOSIM request modification of the reference prices and urgent measures along these lines, since many medicines are at the limit of economic viability.

In the field of Companies, at the international level, it should be noted that Sanofi and Merck MSD significantly increase their profits in 2022. At the national level, Quirónsalud announces the start-up of a new hospital in Valencia. For its part, Consentino, a company that had plans to go public, may see its intentions cut short for health reasons, given the high incidence of silicosis among its workforce.


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