7 days in healthcare (August 15-21, 2022)


From the point of view of biomedicine, the first drug is prepared using CRISPR (gene editing) technology. Important publication from The Lancet in the largest effort yet to identify risk factors in relation to cancer. Not surprisingly, however, tobacco and alcohol are the biggest risk factors, particularly tobacco.

As far as Global Health is concerned, polio is back and the UK is now offering vaccinations to children in London between the ages of 1 and 9.

Regarding international health policy, the famous North American Inflation Reduction Act has been signed by President Biden. Despite its name, the law has more to do with climate change and health, especially drug prices. No large growth in monkeypox is predicted, based on modeling carried out by The Economist. Deaths from covid remain high (15,000 a week globally) warns the Director General of the WHO. The Director of the American CDC denounces serious failures in the management of covid and announces substantial changes in the functioning of this body. A clear contrast to what is happening in Spain, where no conclusions seem to be drawn from the management of covid, despite being one of the most affected countries in terms of the number of cases and mortality in relation to the population.

If we talk about national health policy (Spain), the good news are that covid continues to decline, although there are still 62 deaths per day. The approval of the State Center for Public Health, scheduled for next week, is possibly the biggest consequence of covid. The birth rate in Spain falls to historical lows.

In the field of companies, drug prices break historical records in the USA. In Spain, HIPRA is preparing to manufacture 250 million doses of covid vaccines, pending approval by the EMA.


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