7 days in healthcare (August 21st-28th, 2022)



From the point of view of biomedicine, the very encouraging results of the polypill published by a Spanish group led by Valentin Fuster should be highlighted. The Economist underlines the great future of gene therapies in medicine, with a list of diseases for which there is a therapy or is in advanced study.

Regarding Global Health, The Lancet publishes a report with some conclusions and lessons regarding future pandemics.

As for International Health Policy, both monkeypox and covid are plummeting in Europe. The controversial annulment of the Roe v Wade ruling in the United States, which leaves the right to abortion to the criteria and regulation of the states, continues to be talked about. American companies, including Walmart, the largest American employer, introduce this benefit for women, regardless of the state where they work.

If we talk about National Health Policy (Spain), covid continues to drop and especially the number of cases in the ICU. The Government approves the bill that creates the Public Health Agency, probably the largest, if not the only, far-reaching measure after the pandemic. The text of the law is not yet public, and therefore important aspects such as governance and functions are not known. The location is not known either, although the Government has advanced that it would not be in Madrid, which is not without controversy either. Next week the government will approve the abortion law, according to a text promoted by Podemos.

In the field of companies, Moderna’s lawsuit against Pfizer and BioNTech has been shocked, which it accuses of plagiarism of its mRNA technology in the covid vaccine. Amazon closes its telecare service, which once again demonstrates the difficulties of the large technology platforms in finding an adequate strategy for health, a sector in which they want to be above all else. In Spain, the export of drugs manufactured in Spain grows by 60% in one year.


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