7 days in healthcare (February 14-20, 2022)





In biomedicine, we have to highlight the studies that are confirming a modest association between an increased incidence of mental illness after COVID.

As far as Global Health is concerned, mention should be made of the book by Ed Miliband, a British parliamentarian, former leader of the Labor Party and minister with Gordon Brown, which amounts to a manifesto on public health in the wider sense, which, at the moment, is already beginning to be a literary genre, among which the books by Gordon Brown, Minouche Shafik, Fareed Zakaria and, soon, Bill Gates stand out.

Regarding international health policy, verifying that the calculation of excess mortality is the best way to assess mortality from COVID. The problem is that this may be valid for Europe and the Americas, but not for Asia and Africa, where the low mortality figures are hardly credible. Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister, asks the G20 for a global financial solution to tackle the pandemic, similar to what was done in the 1960s with smallpox. The Economist highlights Africa’s low capacity for vaccine production, in contrast to its large population.

Regarding the national health policy, the first thing to mention is the drop in the incidence of COVID, which last Friday reached 919 per 100,000 inhabitants, which is compatible with the fact that mortality skyrockets in the sixth wave and there is a delay in receiving the new antivirals. The government approves the Science Law project, with controversial elements among researchers. The massive retirement of professionals (including doctors) is probably the most far-reaching problem of the SNS. The SEOM (Spanish Society of Medical Oncology) denounces the lack of equity in access to drugs and markers.

In business news, we must mention the FENIN declaration in favor of the manufacture of medical technology in Spain, to avoid dependency in the event of pandemics; also that the fifth vaccine approved in Europe (NOVAVAX) receives authorization to be manufactured in Galicia (Porriño); Rovi extends its alliance with Moderna for the manufacture of vaccines for ten years.






o The incidence of COVID drops to 919 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, with 7.8% occupancy of hospital beds due to COVID and 13.7% of ICU beds (https://www.consalud.es/pacientes/especial -coronavirus/covid-19-spain-records-30615-cases-288-deaths-ia-baja-919_110353_102.html)

o Deaths from covid skyrocket in the sixth wave (https://www.elindependiente.com/vida-sana/salud/2022/02/19/las-muertes-por-covid-se-disparan-en-febrero-con-4-365-fallecidos-y-elevan-a-11-081-las-de-la-sexta-ola/)

o Waiting for the antivirals that Sánchez promised in January (https://www.elespanol.com/ciencia/salud/20220214/omicron-mata-espera-antivirales-sanchez-prometio-enero/650185438_0.html)

o Public health detects an explosion of scabies cases related to the pandemic (https://elpais.com/sociedad/2022-02-19/la-sanidad-publica-detecta-una-explosion-de-casos-de- scabies-related-to-the-pandemic.html)

o Sports events capacity returns to 100% on March 4 (https://www.consalud.es/politica/consejo-interterritorial-decide-recuperar-aforos-deportivos-100-4-marzo_110196_102.html)

  • Political announcements

o The Government approves the Science Law project that the sector sees with room for improvement (https://www.diariomedico.com/investigacion/el-gobierno-aproba-una-ley-de-ciencia-que-los-investigadores-ven-muy -improveable.html?check_logged_in=1)

o Changes in the portfolio of services: more oral health and screening (https://www.redaccionmedica.com/secciones/ministerio-sanidad/la-nueva-cartera-comun-del-sns-contempla-mas-salud-bucodental- y-screened-6455)

o Spain adheres to the International Vaccine Institute (https://www.consalud.es/politica/gobierno-aprob-adhesion-espana-instituto-internacional-vacunas_110110_102.html)

  • Other issues

o Health approves the new vaccination schedule for 2022 (https://www.larazon.es/sociedad/20220217/as5pmub735hwpmxosjjwlzapty.html)

o Strong mobilizations in the Andalusian health sector (https://www.elconfidencial.com/espana/andalucia/2022-02-19/sanidad-andalucia-manifestaciones-sindicatos-partidas_3378408/)

o Mass retirement of health workers: a drag on the SNS (https://www.consalud.es/profesionales/jubilacion-masiva-sanitarios-quebradero-cabeza-sistema-nacional-salud_110332_102.html)

o Private healthcare demands a clear legal framework in the National Security Law (https://www.redaccionmedica.com/secciones/privada/la-privada-reclama-un-marco-juridico-claro-en-la-nueva- security-law-8788)

o Lack of equity in access to drugs and markers (https://cincodias.elpais.com/cincodias/2022/02/16/companias/1645013239_112550.html)