7 days in healthcare (April 10th-16th, 2023)



From the point of view of Biomedicine, this week marked the 20th anniversary of the completion (later it turned out not completely) of the Human Genome Project, whose results were presented on April 14, 2003. A project that revolutionized biology and Medicine. Many of the treatments that are now in sight, such as gene editing, or the screening of certain diseases come from the progress of that project.

As far as Global Health is concerned, the criminalization of suicide (considering suicide attempts as a crime subject to fines or imprisonment) is still in force in more than 20 countries. Not so many years ago suicide attempts were decriminalized in advanced societies, as recently as 1966 in England or 1993 in Ireland. Clearly, what these suicidal individuals need is care and treatment.

As for International Health Policy, the United States continues to have problems with the Supreme Court’s decision to annul the FDA’s authorization of an abortion pill, a measure that was later put on hold. The crisis in the British NHS continues, with two important strikes called: nurses and junior doctors.

If we talk about National Health Policy (Spain), the incidence of covid has grown slightly in the last week. Medical and health conflicts continue in various autonomous communities: the Valencian Community, Galicia, the Canary Islands, Madrid and Andalusia. Great news, if confirmed, the arrival of the first publicly funded biomarkers on the SNS. It will start with those related to oncology. A breakthrough in precision medicine. Initiative from Aragon for a debate on health that is intended to be held at the Conference of Presidents. Although everything that represents a debate on health in the highest instances is positive, the lack of ambition of the document proposed from Aragon is truly surprising, where neither the care model nor the management model nor the personnel policy (except in what refers to the planning of professionals), nor many other very relevant things. A real disappointment the document of the Aragonese initiative. The central government supports the Spanish covid vaccine, buying 3.2 million vaccines. FENIN makes some interesting proposals, closely linked to healthcare technology, before the new legislature that is looming.

In the field of Companies, at the international level, KKR promotes the merger of IVI and General Life, to give rise to an infertility giant. At the national level, the creditors of Dentix, a former network of dental clinics, now defunct, accuse KKR of the bankruptcy of this company.


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  • FENIN petitions
    • FENIN prepares some requests with 10 points for the new legislature, among them a stable regulatory environment, digital transformation of the SNS, public purchase based on value and the renewal of the health technology park (https://www.fenin.es/resources/press-notes/1011)


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