7 days in healthcare (March 21-27, 2022)



From the point of view of biomedicine, the progress in the treatment of breast cancer should be highlighted, according to the article published by the NEJM, with a brake of around 80% of this advanced cancer and makes it disappear in 16%. .

As far as Global Health is concerned, there are undiagnosed cases of tuberculosis (the missing tuberculosis), a disease that continues to have 10 million new cases a year and causes 1.5 million deaths. The Lancet report on what needs to be done to meet target 3.4 of (on non-communicable diseases) of the Sustainable Development Goals. Inequality in covid vaccination and its possible ways to solve it are the subject of an analysis by the NEJM. Concern for the health of the 3.5 million refugees from Ukraine. The low mortality of covid in Africa, a continent that was thought could be devastated by this disease, remains a mystery.

As for international health policy, the debate continues on the covid-zero policy in China, which has achieved great results so far (both in terms of mortality and economics), but it is not known if it will be able to continue with the variant “omicron”. The WHO judges the lifting of COVID measures in Europe too premature, considering that cases are growing, among other countries, in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, France, Italy and Germany.

If we talk about national health policy (Spain), we are witnessing a relaxation of the measures against covid, despite its upward trend in recent days. Arrival of Paxlovid, Pfizer’s treatment for severe cases of covid. The important report published by the Catalan Society of Health Management, with an exceptional team led by Jordi Varela, on the forms of contracting health services from the point of view of value, is very noteworthy. The deans of Medicine react to the Ministry’s announcement of the increase in the “numerus clausus” in medicine by 10%.

In the field of companies, it is worth highlighting the evolution of the purchase of the fertility company IVI, the largest operation carried out by private equity companies in healthcare in Spain and with a company valuation of around 2,500 million euros.