7 days in healthcare (December 19th-25th, 2022)


From the point of view of Biomedicine, it should be noted that 2022 has been an extraordinarily productive year from the point of view of the appearance of effective drugs, among others against obesity or different forms of cancer. mRNA vaccines open the way to new therapeutic approaches

With regard to Global Health, the British Medical Journal summarizes the human and health damage caused by the floods in Pakistan.

Regarding International Health Policy, discussions continue about the origin of the covid. President Biden is accused of complacency in saying as early as September that “the pandemic is over”, while the mortality continues. Everything seems to indicate that the end of the covid-zero policy in China is producing a large number of cases (millions in just one day), which is putting maximum pressure on the health system and, probably, since there are no reliable figures, with a high mortality. UK nurses and ambulance strike.

If we talk about National Health Policy (Spain), the incidence of covid has risen slightly in the last week, with a high death toll (241). The strike of Primary Care doctors in Madrid is paralyzed until January 11, to analyze the administration proposals. The Government undertakes to launch the working group for the elaboration of the Strategic Plan on the pharmaceutical industry, after the promises of investments in the next three years made by the heads of the most important pharmaceutical companies in a meeting in La Moncloa . Government and Community of Madrid launch the Neurotechnology Center.

In the field of Companies, internationally, it seems that private equity companies are oriented in the USA towards hospital emergencies. In Spain, Warren Buffet acquired the largest medical error insurance.


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