7 days in healthcare (December 5th-11th, 2022)



From the point of view of Biomedicine, an emotional farewell in the New York Times of the “young” (81 years old), Anthony Fauci, who had such a presence in our homes throughout the years of the pandemic. Without a doubt, his scientific contributions are notable, but it is not a minor merit that he has contradicted President Trump on several occasions in the honest exercise of his office, something unusual in our environment. A new type of biomarkers seems to open the doors to the possible diagnosis of different types of cancer at an early stage with a simple blood test.

With regard to Global Health, to highlight the serious problems of diabetes, which continues to grow; and suicide, which is increasing markedly among young Americans, although, as the WHO says, it is in Africa where there are the highest suicide rates in the world.

Regarding International Health Policy, China continues to distance itself from the covid-zero policy, although we will see the increasing consequences of covid mortality. Labor problems continue in the NHS, with several strikes announced. Macron promises free condoms for minors and young people up to 25 years of age. Several initiatives in the field of health of the European Union, which makes health more and more a European Union policy, without prejudice to the fact that the management of national health services is the responsibility of the Member States.

If we talk about National Health Policy (Spain), in terms of covid, the incidence continues to decrease, what has not completely decreased is mortality (314 deaths in the last week). The strikes continue in the Primary Care of Madrid, without it seeming that the negotiations are progressing. The results of the Third Wave (2022) of the Health Barometer appear, which well deserves a careful analysis. Spain is the European Union country that performs the most instrumental deliveries, according to the “European Perinatal Health Report” (2015-2019).

In the field of Companies, at the international level, an important initiative by Pfizer to increase production in Europe, something necessary as seen during the pandemic and the difficulties for Europe to fully depend on production in Asia. Spin off of GE Healthcare from General Electric. Regarding national news, it should be noted that Blackrock increases its stake in Grifols.


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