7 days in healthcare (June, 19th-25th, 2023)



From the point of view of Biomedicine, ethical problems continue to be discussed as a consequence of the creation of embryos without eggs or sperm. Until now, an embryo required an egg and a sperm, but this new approach would allow, in hypothesis, to solve problems of infertility or pregnancy loss, but it is a matter to regulate very carefully. Two studies in Nature seem to show that the Y chromosome makes men more vulnerable to tumors.

With regard to Global Health, The Lancet focuses on the great threat of diabetes, since it is estimated that in 2050 there will be 1.3 billion diabetics, a disease related to obesity, diet, tobacco, alcohol and sedentary lifestyle. Inequalities in access to morphine are denounced, with the United States and Europe almost completely monopolizing its use. An important issue, since this drug has a relevant role in the treatment of pain and in palliative care.

Regarding International Health Policy, according to the weekly WHO report, covid is declining in both the number of cases and deaths in all WHO regions of the world. Only in the African region is there a slight increase in the number of deaths, with a decrease in the number of new cases. In the United States, the commercialization of meat grown in the laboratory is approved. One of the authorized establishments belongs to the Spanish philanthropist José Andrés. Also in the United States, not minor problems continue as a result of the annulment of the Roe v Wade ruling that transfers the authorization of abortion to the states. In the United Kingdom, the problems with the emergency services continue and a strike of resident doctors is called. New health insurance law in South Africa, which appears to represent progress towards universal coverage in that country.

If we talk about National Health Policy (Spain), according to the WHO weekly bulletin, Spain is the country in Europe with the highest mortality from covid. The government and the communities agree to abolish the mandatory nature of masks in health centers and pharmacies. Ayuso, proclaimed President of the Community of Madrid, after the last elections. Absence of great news in the announcements of health measures for this legislature. As was already known, Spain is consolidating itself as a world power in clinical trials, an achievement no less.

In the field of Companies, internationally, Walmart (the largest supermarket chain in the USA) enters the primary care business, with 32 centers in 5 states. Walmart was already in healthcare, but it was with small clinics for minor care. Significant company purchases by Merck MSD and Lilly, which seems to confirm that M&A activity in pharmaceutical companies is reviving. In the Spanish national arena, ASEBIO announces an increase in investment in R&D by biotech companies in 2022.


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