7 days in healthcare (June 12th-18th, 2023)



From the point of view of Biomedicine, to point out that human embryos have been produced without eggs or sperm, using stem cells, which raises far-reaching ethical questions. Joseph Alpert, editor of the American Journal of Medicine, recounts the 10 advances in clinical medicine he has seen since he was an intern in 1969-70. A whole different world, from the mortality of myocardial infarction, the evolution of HIV, the approach to leukemia, the possibilities offered by ICUs, the treatment of tuberculosis, etc. From that point of view, there is no doubt that the world is better than fifty years ago.

As regards Global Health, an unexplained increase in the incidence of cancer has been detected in people under 50 years of age, with this trend particularly affecting the population between 25-29 years of age. The Lancet denounces what it considers pressure from the pharmaceutical industry in the pandemic treaty, currently under discussion at the initiative of the WHO, according to a draft that was leaked on May 22 and published. It would be good if this treaty corrected the major failures that occurred during the covid pandemic in access to vaccines in developing countries, particularly in Africa.

Regarding International Health Policy, according to the weekly WHO report, covid is declining in both the number of cases and deaths in all regions of the world. Forecasts of health spending in the USA are published. Although growth will be moderate in the coming years, it will reach 20% of GDP in 2023, more than any country in the world. The National Oncology Plan in Italy is published. The European Monitoring Center for Drugs publishes its report for 2023. Cannabis, followed by cocaine, are the most widely used illegal drugs in Europe.

If we talk about National Health Policy (Spain), the incidence of covid is decreasing, which makes the government consider removing the mandatory use of masks in pharmacies and health centers. Madrid, the autonomous community with the shortest waiting list for non-urgent surgery. Although our country has a low birth rate, the use of in vitro fertilization is skyrocketing.

At the Business level, internationally, Philips has serious problems with faulty respirators. A collective accuses this company of involuntary manslaughter. The 10 largest pharmaceutical companies have more than 110,000 million dollars available for operations to purchase other companies, a move that is undoubtedly spurred on by the loss of patents in many of them. Lobbyists linked to tobacco companies are accused of advertising vaping online, against the recommendations of the WHO, with many reservations about this practice, considering it harmful to health. On a national level, Quirón presents its new hospital project in Badalona. Grifols will refinance its debt after divesting from its business in China. Asterion, the largest Spanish fund, breaks into health, by buying a health transport company.


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    • The European Monitoring Center for Drugs publishes the report on Drugs 2023: Trends and development. Cannabis (marijuana or hashish) is the most widely used illicit drug in Europe, followed by cocaine. Heroin is the most widely used opioid and the one that causes the most health problems (

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