7 days in healthcare (October 31st-November 6th, 2022)



From the point of view of Biomedicine, the start of human trials of drugs discovered by Artificial Intelligence should be highlighted, something that is attracting the attention of all Big Pharma companies.

With regard to Global Health, it should be noted that COP27, the major international conference on climate change, will be held in Cairo on November 7 and 8. His opening coincides with the editorial in The Economist in which he says that the goal of keeping the temperature from rising 1.5º is totally unrealistic, proposing various alternatives. Ukraine’s health system prepares for nuclear disaster. Cholera outbreaks in various parts of the world.

Regarding International Health Policy, the WHO publishes a document on the development of telemedicine in Europe, identifying the problems of the user, technology and infrastructure as the main obstacles to its development. Problems in the British and French health systems.

If we talk about National Health Policy (Spain), the CESM denounces the proliferation of contracts for doctors without a MIR system. Surprisingly, there is no exact figure for how many doctors practice in Spain without MIR. Serious tensions in the Madrid healthcare system, mainly in out-of-hospital emergencies, although not only. It seems that the politics of confrontation prevails, which is neither positive nor desirable. There are no good memories of the famous “white tides” in Madrid, which should not be reactivated. The debate on the delay in access to medicines continues. The Ministry of Health affirms that part of this delay is due to pharmaceutical companies, which prioritize some countries over others in their marketing requests. At the national level, mention must be made of the death of Dr. Fernando Alonso-Lej, the great introducer of the MIR system in Spain and, therefore, deserving of maximum recognition.

In the Corporate arena, internationally J&J acquires a cardiac device company. In our country, it should be noted that the private sector builds more than 80% of nursing homes.


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