7 days in healthcare (March 13th-19th, 2023)



From the point of view of Biomedicine, the debate on the governance, supervision and ethical limits of human genome editing is increasingly present, precisely when it seems that many medicines based on this technique are in advanced development, to treat many sicknesses. Nature publishes a novel approach to disseminate Magnetic Resonance, which fifty years after its birth is still a very expensive technique and not accessible to many countries. The mapping of the brain of a larva, after decades of research, heralds advances in the knowledge of more complex brains.

As regards Global Health, the WHO has drawn up the first draft of a treaty on pandemics, precisely to avoid what happened during the covid, the great differences in mortality, morbidity and access to treatment between the different countries.

Regarding International Health Policy, in the United States, the New York Times denounces that aggressive medical behavior continues to be common at the end of life. This same newspaper echoes in its editorial section the serious crisis of the British National Health Service, where several strikes are coexisting at this moment: nurses, consultants, junior doctors and ambulance drivers. The prestige of the NHS among the population plummets. Le Monde publishes in France a report on the change of pharmacies: from drug stores to health “hubs”. BCG releases a report on the scope and benefits of the metaverse in health.

If we talk about National Health Policy (Spain), the incidence of covid continues to increase. It is estimated that 1 million people in Spain may have persistent covid. The conflict between the Primary Care doctors in Madrid ends (it was about time). The SNS will address the problem of the carbon footprint of hospitals. The low remuneration of consultations by healthcare insurance companies is denounced, it is urgent in this sector to move from a model of payment by activity to another of payment by value.

At the Corporate level, internationally, Pfizer is addressing the purchase of Seagen, a biotech-oriented biotech company. As far as national news is concerned, it should be noted that HM Hospitales opens (in Rivas) its eighth hospital in Madrid.


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