7 days in healthcare (December 12th-18th, 2023)



From the point of view of Biomedicine, The Lancet commemorates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Pasteur, the creator of the germ theory. Even today a high percentage of deaths are from infections. Promising results of an mRNA vaccine against melanoma, presented by Moderna and Merck.

As far as Global Health is concerned, it is worth highlighting the article published in Nature that says that without a strategy and global financing of vaccines, the world will be unable to successfully face new epidemics.

As for international health policy, the discouraging news of China’s abandonment of the covid-zero policy continues, when the country is not prepared and is most likely to suffer high mortality. The CDC quantifies the deaths from persistent covid in the USA. The conflict of nurses in the NHS continues, which coincides with the appearance of a report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies in the United Kingdom that attributes the problems of the NHS to underfunding of the system. New Zealand, the second country in the world to announce a ban on tobacco sales.

If we talk about national health policy (Spain), in terms of covid, the incidence continues to decrease, what has not completely decreased, or has decreased very slowly, is mortality (236 deaths in the last week). After confinement in a unit of the Regional Ministry of Health, the strike committee of primary care doctors in Madrid decided to continue the strike, extending the conflict to a demonstration, along the lines of the “white tides”.

In the field of companies, internationally, it seems that Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are making an important bet in the field of neurotechnology with the company Synchron. As far as national news is concerned, perhaps highlighting that it seems that the hopes placed on the Spanish HIPRA vaccine are fading.


Global Health

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National health policy





7 days in healthcare (October 17th-23rd, 2022)



From the point of view of biomedicine, the announced “vaccine against cancer” should be highlighted, which could be prepared before 2030. Although not strictly a vaccine, it represents a promising treatment against this disease based on mRNA technology, the same used for covid vaccine.

Regarding Global Health, an important announcement by the WHO about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, which could produce 500 million chronic patients in 2030. The WHO dedicates 2,600 million in its next strategy 2022-2026 for the eradication of polio .

Regarding international health policy, an important debate introduced by The Economist on the massive use of antidepressants, when only in 15% of cases do they have an effect other than placebo. Opioids in the United States and antidepressants worldwide are examples of the misuse of medications, which can lead to, and in many cases lead to, health problems. The post-pandemic horizon has generalized a hybrid work model (face-to-face and online) for office professionals.

If we talk about national health policy (Spain), the pressure on hospitals due to covid remains low, despite a slight rise in this disease. Intense debate on the flight of Spanish doctors to other countries, attracted by better salary and professional conditions. No matter how much the number of MIR vacancies and Faculties of Medicine increases, the problem will not be solved if working conditions are not acted upon. Teleconsultations seem to consolidate in Primary Care, already being more than 50% of the visits. The Trans law is the subject of great controversy. Most psychiatrists and psychologists, against. Obviously, we are in favor of the position of the WHO by removing from the list of diseases already in 2018 these cases of having a gender identity other than biological sex and wanting to change the morphology of their body. We welcome that there is a law on the subject as in most Western civilized countries. But one thing is that and another that 14-year-olds can choose sex without a psychological evaluation carried out by experts, who can rule out cases. Irreversible problems may occur. There is a certain consensus that the current wording of the law does not sufficiently protect minors.

In the field of companies, at the international level, we must welcome the first agreement with a pharmaceutical company (Novartis) to produce an anticancer drug as a generic that is still protected by patent, for its production in developing countries. As far as Spain is concerned, the continuous growth of health insurance should be highlighted, which in 2022 until September grows considerably more than the insurance as a whole.


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National health policy


7 days in healthcare (October, 10th-16th, 2022)



From the point of view of biomedicine, to review the advances in knowledge of the human organ that, to a large extent, remains a mystery, the brain: the implantation of human cells in mice, which can send signals and the creation of a kind of synthetic intelligence, by verifying that nerve cells in a dish can learn. In the United States, it is found that mortality from breast cancer has decreased a lot, due to early detection and better treatments. Something that is not exclusive to the United States and that surely also occurs in Spain.

As far as Global Health is concerned, the serious health problems, for very different reasons, in Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Lebanon must be highlighted.

Regarding international health policy, there is great concern in the WHO and other organizations about the effects of persistent covid. Threat of hospitals in Germany by covid. The Economist introduces the debate on the legalization of cocaine, which it strongly defends, considering that the problems of an illegal market far outweigh those that could arise in a controlled market. Put the simile of whiskey and cigarettes.

If we talk about national health policy (Spain), the rise in the incidence of covid continues, although in Spain without notably affecting hospitals. Promising launch of the Neurotechnology Center in Madrid.

In the field of companies, at the international level, the WTO (World Trade Organization) continues with its efforts to free the patents of medicines related to covid. As far as Spain is concerned, HIPRA suffers a new delay in the approval of its vaccine by the EMA, which practically excludes it from the fourth dose vaccination campaign.


Global Health

International health policy

  • European Union
    • A step forward towards a Europe of health. The reinforcement of the ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control), the EMA (European Medicines Agency) and the creation of the Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority, constitute important steps towards a European policy of health, something not contemplated in the founding European treaties (
  • The debate on the legalization of cocaine
  • New Code of Medical Ethics
    • Approved the new International Code of Medical Ethics of the World Medical Association. After the initial version of this Code in 1949, a new wording has been approved at the General Assembly of the World Medical Association, held in Berlin in October 2022 (

National health policy




7 days in healthcare (September 12th-18th, 2022)



From the point of view of biomedicine, immunotherapy (in colon cancer) and CAR-T therapies (in lupus) continue to expand their therapeutic possibilities. Advances against infections for resistant bacteria. Will there ever come a time when cancer can be diagnosed by a simple blood test? This possibility does not seem very remote, according to papers presented at the meeting of the European Society of Medical Oncology.

Regarding Global Health, an important work directed by Jeffrey Sachs and published by The Lancet on the delays and errors of both governments and the WHO in dealing with the covid pandemic, which could have produced 17.7 million of  deaths, many of them preventable.

Regarding international health policy, the WHO says that the end of the covid pandemic may be in sight, although at the same time a new variant (BJ.1) of covid is evident in Europe. Important debate in Europe (Scotland and France) on euthanasia and assisted death. The French Ethics Committee opens the door to this possibility. The financing of the American FDA was questioned, due to its great economic dependence on the pharmaceutical industry. Biden launches a speech commemorating Kennedy’s in 1962 when he decided to go to the Moon, but this time oriented towards the fight against cancer.

If we talk about national health policy (Spain), the PDeCAT presents an amendment to the entire equity law, which it accuses of interfering in regional powers and of confusing agreement with privatization. Surprising statements from the Ministry of Health in a parliamentary response, saying that its functions in relation to the waiting lists are only to inform and monitor, as if it did not have the possibility of signing agreements with the communities to address this problem or of launching other actions. Concern, there are even demonstrations in the street, of the relatives of the elderly admitted to residences. The Community of Madrid announces that it will reduce the waiting lists by half. Although we would like it not to be the case this time, this announcement is preceded by other similar ones from different governments, which always came to nothing in terms of effectiveness. The search for solutions by the Ministry of Finance to the MUFACE model, highly impacted by inflation, seems to recognize its underfinancing.

In the field of companies, from the international point of view, important success for Sanofi, with its new vaccine against bronchiolitis. In Spain, important corporate movements in Korian, HM Hospitales, Miranza and Ribera.


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International health policy

National health policy



7 days in healthcare (June 13th-20th, 2022)



From the point of view of biomedicine, to highlight the new therapy against a disease as terrible as ALS tested in Canada. Unfortunately there are doubts as to its effectiveness.

As far as Global Health is concerned, it is verified that it is the vaccine nationalism of the States that has led to the failure of COVAX, which failed to extend covid vaccination to poor countries in significant percentages.

Regarding international health policy, the approval in the United States of the covid vaccination for children under five years of age should be highlighted. Also the agreement of the World Trade Organization regarding the temporary suspension of patents on covid vaccines, something he was discussing for two years. We will see if this agreement translates into relevant measures. For now, the IFPMA (World Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers) has already spoken out against it. Hospitalizations for covid increase in Europe, specifically in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

If we talk about national health policy (Spain), we must mention the controversial announcement by the Minister of Health of the fourth dose of covid for the entire population, something partially rectified by the Ministry itself and which has been rejected by many experts. Also the approval by the Government of the preliminary draft of the Equity Law. Great controversy with the private sector, since it tries to minimize and declare exceptional the collaboration of the private sector in the public service of the National Health System. But by declaring “direct management” as preferable in the SNS, it also positions itself against the more entrepreneurial development of public management, despite the fact that the benefits of legal personality and the labor regime are known in terms of greater efficiency than direct management. On the other hand, the draft may undermine the powers of the autonomous communities, since health management (and therefore the way of carrying it out) is a transferred matter. It is not surprising that very important Catalan institutions (such as UCH, CSC, ACES and Círculo de Sanidad) have taken a position against it. Important demonstration by nurses in the center of Madrid, highlighting the importance of the abandoned professional policy in the National System of Health.

In the field of companies, it is worth noting the birth of the largest pediatric oncology center in Spain and one of the largest in Europe: the one located in the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital in Barcelona. Expansión highlights that the remarkable growth of health insurance is compatible with a loss of its operating profitability.


Global health

International health policy

National health policy



Regulatory announcements

Other themes


7 days in healthcare (May 23th-29th, 2022)




From the point of view of biomedicine, the most important are the advances in the study of the microbiota, published in the journal Science.

As far as Global Health is concerned, the tragic mistake of the donation of vaccines by Europe should be highlighted, since many of those sent were close to expiration. Reappearance of polio in Africa, always worrying.

Regarding international health policy, the European health agency asks governments to be prepared against possible vaccination against monkeypox. Health bursts into the spotlight at the Davos Economic Forum.

If we talk about national health policy (Spain), Spain joins the European system for the purchase of vaccines against monkeypox. The MIR call leaves 200 vacancies for family doctors. An emergency situation is addressed, but not the underlying problem: the unattractive nature of these places.

In the field of companies, it should be noted that, according to Expansión, private insurance customers are dissatisfied with the massive use of the service. Between this and the unhappiness of both doctors and providers with the fees, it seems that significant changes are coming in this sector.


Global health

International health policy

  • Monkeypox

o The European health agency asks governments to be prepared for vaccination against monkeypox (

o The monkeypox virus, what we know so far that alarms countries (

o Monkeypox, more than 180 cases outside Africa, countries prepare to vaccinate ( 180-cas-confirmes-hors-d-afrique-des-pays-se-preparent-a-vacciner_6127608_3244.html)

o A study published in The Lancet points to an antiviral as a possible treatment for monkeypox ( monkey_1_9018642.html)

  • COVID-19

o Lessons from Japan on dealing with covid, since this country had six waves and the number of cases and deaths per capita has been lower than other G7 countries, despite having an aging and highly concentrated population (https ://

o More than 1 in 5 COVID survivors may develop long covid in the United States (

o Pfizer warns of constant waves of covid-19, while complacency grows (

o What justifies the zero-covid policy in China?, an analysis by Zhang Jun, director of the China Center for Economic Studies in Shanghai ( -keeps-its-zero-covid-strategy-by-zhang-jun-2022-05)

o A study suggests that women are twice as likely to suffer from persistent covid (

  • Other themes

o Health bursts into the spotlight at the return of the Davos Economic Forum, with the presence of Bill Gates, the CEO of Pfizer and the president of AstraZeneca, among others ( health-breaks-in-as-protagonist-in-the-return-of-the-davos-economic-forum.html)

o Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus re-elected as WHO Director General (

o Oklahoma Governor signs law strictly banning abortion (

National health policy (Spain)

  • Monkeypox

o At least six countries have detected cases of monkeypox in travelers from Spain ( monkeypox-in-travelers-from-spain.html)

o 41% of monkeypox cases are in Spain (

o Spain will enter the European system for the purchase of the monkeypox vaccine ( -eu-to-deal-with-monkeypox)


o The cumulative incidence, down (728.2 cases in the last 14 days; there were 848 the previous Friday. Hospital occupancy due to covid: 5.6%; ICUs: 4.2%) (https://www.consalud .es/patients/special-coronavirus/covid-19-spain-coronavirus-data_115366_102.html)

  • Regulatory announcements

o New Framework Statute, at the table of the Advisory Council on June 2 ( advisory-of-june-2-5764)

o A new draft of the Preliminary Draft Law is published, which modifies various regulations to consolidate the equity, universality and cohesion of the National Health System, after its approval in the Interterritorial Council of April 2022 (https://www.diariofarma .com/2022/04/06/el-cisns-da-luz-verde-a-la-ley-de-equidad), held in Toledo. In relation to the previous version of 11/15/2021, more requirements are introduced for agreement, incorporating the concept of “effective cost” previously established and reviewable by the Administration

  • Other themes

o The Ministry of Health marks November for the new palliative strategy ( 6597)

o The public debt to suppliers amounts to 2,000 million (

o Warning from Brussels to Spain due to the “shortage” of health professionals and primary care financing (

o Podemos takes the “deprivatization” of the SNS to Congress (

o The lack of family doctors worsens as the MIR call leaves 200 places vacant ( la-convocatoria-de-mir-deja-200-plazas-vacantes.html), for which it is agreed to increase the number of MIR vacancies for non-EU people to fill the vacancies ( y-salud/salud/2022/05/25/628e86d3e4d4d85f418b45e6.html


  • International News

o Pfizer intends to obtain approval in the USA for the covid vaccine for children under 5 years of age (

o Medtronic and DaVita announce the creation of a kidney health technology company (

o The USA will deploy the Bavarian Nordic monkeypox vaccine ( html)

o The IFPMA (global employers association of pharmaceutical manufacturers) proposes 10 measures to fight the next pandemic ( against-the-next-pandemic)

  • National News

o Grupo Juste, a Spanish pharmaceutical company that turns 100 (

o Esteve intends to double its turnover, reaching 1,000 million euros (

o Clients of private health insurance, disappointed by the mass use of the service (

o The private sector of assisted reproduction moves 500 million in 2021, 9% more than in 2020 ( -in-2021-a-9-more-than-in-2020.html)

o FENIN registers a 27% decrease in investment in 2021 (

o Sanitas and the San Pablo CEU University sign an agreement for the training of health professionals ( assistance-future/3406605)

o Malaga will have a new public hospital in 2023, after the agreement with the Pascual group (






7 days in healthcare (May 16th-22nd, 2022)



From the point of view of biomedicine, there seems to be new evidence of the relationship between acute childhood hepatitis and COVID. Interesting articles on how COVID can affect the brain, generating a kind of “dementia epidemic” and what long covid is and how to treat it.

Regarding Global Health, possible alarming effects of a global food crisis resulting from the war in Ukraine and its consequences. Report on serious deficiencies of “assisted technologies” (basically, wheelchairs, glasses and hearing aids) in a large part of the world’s population. The shortage of covid vaccine production in African countries continues to be denounced.

As for international health policy, an article in The Economist takes the drama out of “monkey pox”, saying that it is nothing comparable to what covid represented. Catastrophe due to covid in North Korea, a country that did not take advantage of its total closure during the pandemic to favor the immunization of its population and the reinforcement of its health system. Also, very reluctant to accept foreign aid. Isolated dictatorship things. Interesting experiment in New Zealand on a generation without tobacco.

If we talk about national health policy (Spain), the Ministry of Health has issued a protocol on monkeypox, about which there are some interesting statements by López Acuña, who also takes the drama out of this epidemic. Approved in the Council of Ministers the new abortion law, destined, probably, not to solve anything and to generate artificial problems. The SEMFYC (association of primary care doctors) warns about the need for 10,000 primary care doctors, to cover the generational change.

In the field of companies, the initiative of the Government of Catalonia to create a commission to study the new location of the Hospital Clínic should be highlighted. Surely an avant-garde and innovative hospital does not fit well in the current old building. A true revolution in the hospital and urban world of Barcelona. The AESEG warns about the low price of certain basic medicines, which discourages their production.


Global health

International health policy

  • Monkeypox

o Monkeypox spreads to several countries: after originating from a traveler from Nigeria, the disease has spread to the United States, Australia, Canada and 8 European countries. According to The Economist, there is nothing to worry about and it has nothing to do with the covid pandemic, which took the world unprepared, without vaccines or treatments ( /05/20/monkeypox-is-popping-up-in-more-countries-how-worrying-is-this)

o What is Monkeypox, article in the New York Times (

o We will see more cases of monkeypox, warns a British scientist ( scientists)

  • COVID-19

o Taiwan gradually renounces the “zero-covid” policy, assuming that the number of cases will increase ( -a-peu-a-politique-zero-covid_6126267_3244.html)

o Catastrophe in North Korea. The country was closed during the pandemic, but it was not used to immunize the population or strengthen the health system ( -wildfire-in-north-korea)

o Shanghai is going to open its commerce in stages ( deux-mois-de-confinement_6126204_3244.html)

o How Australia saved thousands of lives from covid, in contrast to what happened in the United States (

  • Other themes

o The policy on the possible annulment of the Roe v Wade judgment in the United States continues, important editorial in Science (

o A generation without tobacco in New Zealand, prohibited for all those born since January 1, 2009. Malaysia and Denmark are also considering similar measures ( 6736(22)00925-4/fulltext)

o The United States, Switzerland and Norway lead the world in spending on health per capita ( in-medical-care.html)

o The NHS needs access to medical data to save lives, interesting article in the Financial Times (

o A report commissioned by the Minister for Health proposes that the legal smoking age in the UK be 21 ( -in-england-could-be-raised-to-21-report)

National health policy

  • Monkeypox

o Protocol of the Ministry of Health against monkeypox (

o Interesting statements by López Acuña: there is no reason for social alarm over monkeypox (

o Spain will buy thousands of vaccines for the monkeypox disease ( -the-traditional-smallpox-to-deal-with-the-monkey-virus-outbreak.html)


o The cumulative incidence, on the rise: 848 points ( -points_114982_102.html)

  • Regulatory announcements

o The new abortion law approved by the Council of Ministers ( your-address.html)

  • Other themes

o Spain, leader in the consumption of benzodiazepines for anxiety and insomnia (

o The National Health System (SNS) would need 10,000 family doctors for generational turnover, according to a study by the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (SEMFYC) ( -of-family-more-to-guarantee-the-generational-handover.html)

o The strike of specialist doctors in Madrid, suspended after an agreement ( contest.html)

o Spain, last in mental health, there are only 2,800 psychologists in public health, only 344 in Primary Care ( -psychologists-public-health/672183163_0.html)

o Private healthcare works on a code of good practice: joint initiative of ATA (Association of Self-Employed) and ASPE ( your-own-code-of-good-practices-4162)


  • International News

o Big Pharma pressures the G20 to prepare for the next pandemic (

o Monkeypox shoots up the stock of the only company that manufactures them: Bavarian Nordic (

  • National News

o Dependency insurance grows 71.4% and closes the first quarter with 132,000 users ( the-first-quarter-with-132000-users.html)

o Catalonia constitutes the commission that will decide the location of the new Clinic Hospital (ón-la-comision-que-decidira-el-emplazamiento-del-nuevo-hospital-clinic. html)

o Colgate-Palmolive breaks into the bid for Lácer (

o AESEG asks to raise the price of essential medicines to produce them ( -essential-to-produce-them.html)



7 days in healthcare (May 9th-15th, 2022)



From the point of view of biomedicine, the important study published by the journal Science should be highlighted, outlining the most detailed atlas of human cells to date. The discussion about the origin of acute childhood hepatitis continues.

As far as Global Health is concerned, it is found that the United States has reached one million deaths from COVID and Europe two million. A sad milestone.

Regarding international health policy, in relation to COVID, the debate continues on the sustainability of the zero-COVID policy in China. Lockdowns in North Korea, possibly the most opaque country in the world. The debate continues in the United States on the modification of the Roe v Wade sentence. Pronouncements from scientific journals (Nature, The Lancet), as well as from the President of the American Medical Association. The ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control) stops recommending the use of masks on public transport in Europe.

If we talk about national health policy (Spain), the accumulated incidence of COVID continues to grow. Great debate regarding the announced new Abortion Law. It is more than doubtful that the Law will be approved and, if it is, that it will be complied with, given the large number of controversial elements (registration of conscientious objectors, the obligation that these interventions be carried out in public hospitals, the use of terminology of obstetric violence, etc.). The Ministry of Industry takes out the first tender of the cutting-edge health PERTE. Important editorial in El País on waiting lists, which it presents as a scourge of the SNS.

In the field of companies, the WHO denounces attempts to whiten tobacco companies, by way of presenting themselves as green companies.


Global Health

International health policy

  • COVID-19

o The Director of the WHO affirms that the zero-covid policy in China is not sustainable (

o A study says that lifting the “zero COVID” policy in China could mean 1.5 million deaths ( -china-could-risk-16m-deaths-says-study)

o China considers the WHO statement on its zero COVID policy “irresponsible” (

o China renounces organizing the 2023 Asian Soccer Cup, due to the pandemic ( coupe-d-asie-2023-de-football-in-raison-de-la-pandemie-de-covid-19_6126096_3210.html)

o Confinement in North Korea, as the first cases of COVID are confirmed (

o Alert in the state of New York, due to the increase in cases (

  • The debate on abortion continues in the United States

o The pronouncement of medical and scientific journals continues against the annulment of the Roe v Wade ruling in the United States, for reasons of public health and worsening of the health of women and children, particularly those with fewer resources. Editorials in Nature ( and The Lancet ( 00870-4/fulltext), among others.

o Gerald E. Harmon, President of the AMA, the representation of American doctors, was “deeply concerned” about the impact on reproductive health in the United States of this possible modification ( delivering-care/population-care/why-leaked-abortion-opinion-antithetical-public-health)

o The New York Times assures that the annulment of same-sex marriage could be the next step ( abortion.html)

o Certain groups try to ban telemedicine prescription of pills that interrupt pregnancy (

  • Other themes

o The United States, willing to share vaccine technology with poor countries, says Biden (

o The European Union Aviation Safety Agency and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), eliminate the recommendation to use masks in airports and during flights ( society/20220511/2dur4ogv7zemfkl5bbwmsitpme.html)

o Disposable electronic cigarettes are imposed among adolescents in France ( .html)

o France will stop requiring a mask on public transport starting next Monday, May 16 (

National health policy


o The accumulated incidence continues to rise, growing 13 points since the last measurement and standing at 856.65 cases in the last 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants. The ward occupancy rate is 5.80% and the ICU occupancy rate is 4.07% ( 321-deceased-ia-uploads-856-points_114645_102.html)

  • Regulatory announcements

o The Government willing to approve next Tuesday, May 17, a new abortion law at the initiative of the Ministry of Equality. The 14-week period for abortion to be considered legal is not modified. Most controversial points: 1. Without permission or information to parents from the age of 16; 2. No to surrogacy; 3. Registration of conscientious objectors; 4. Abortion in public hospitals; 5. Leave due to painful menstruation, outside the regulations of the common disease; 6. The terminology of obstetric violence is maintained (

o The need to strengthen public healthcare so that it can address the 74,000 abortions that are performed in the private sector ( -the-74000-abortions-that-now-derives-to-the-private.html)

o The Constitutional Court is preparing a ruling in favor of the 2010 Abortion Law for June, after an appeal by the PP, parked for 12 years ( -judgment-favorable-law-abortion_3423623/)

  • Other themes

o The Ministry of Industry is putting out to tender the Vanguard Health PERTE for the pharmaceutical and health products sector ( .pdf)

o Important editorial in El País on waiting lists, which it presents as a major problem for the SNS (

o War of figures in the strike of medical specialists in Madrid ( -already-of-temporary.html)

o Castilla y León intends to lower the surgical delay in six months by 21 days ( -surgical-in-6-months)

o The national 024 telephone line for suicide prevention is launched (

o The SNS Interterritorial Council gives the green light to the Mental Health Plan ( -con-practica-unanimidad), which is criticized by the President of the Spanish Society of Psychiatry, saying that “Mental Health needs professionals and intermediate centers, not apps” ( /-mental-health-needs-professionals-and-intermediate-centers-no-apps–8807)

o The Ministry publishes the list of 462 strategic medicines, which includes 249 active ingredients ( html)

o Private doctors ask insurers to raise their fees, which according to them have been frozen for 32 years (

o Andalusia can have up to 8 Faculties of Medicine, after the steps in Jaén and Almería only Huelva remains ( –3332), something (the proliferation of Medical Faculties) totally against the approaches of the CEEM (State Confederation of Medical Students) and the Conference of Deans

Companies, employers and other agents of the sector

  • International News

o The WHO asks countries to stop the tobacco companies that try to whitewash their image as a green industry ( to-the-countries-that-stop-the-tobacco- companies-that-try-to-clean-up-their-image-as-a-green-industry.html)

o Pfizer will buy the biotech company Biohaven for 11.6 billion dollars (

  • National News

o Vithas invests 3 million euros in the renovation of emergencies ( of-your-emergencies.html)

o Vitaldent is committed to dental aesthetics by incorporating 73 Smysecret spaces into its clinics ( -your-clinics.html)

o Asisa buys a 600m2 center in Zaragoza (

o Hospitales Parque grows in Talavera with a new building for outpatient consultations ( for-external-queries.html)

o Sanitas, SegurCaixa Adeslas and Línea Directa, the most profitable insurers (

o Novartis will manufacture an oncology drug for the whole world in Barcelona ( -world-.html)

7 days in healthcare (April 11-17, 2022)




From the point of view of biomedicine, it is important to highlight the fact that greater access to antibiotics (reduced in many countries) is a basic element to overcome the pandemic of resistance to these drugs. Cases of acute hepatitis in children, detected in the United Kingdom and also in Spain, have been the subject of an alert by the WHO and the ECDC. Some of them require liver transplantation.

With regard to Global Health, the financing of the WHO is one of the great issues of global health, since this organization has always had a financing well below its challenges.

As for international health policy, President Biden’s Memorandum on “long covid” should be noted. Also the important article published in The Lancet that analyzes the circumstances surrounding the incidence of covid and its mortality in 177 countries, with some interesting conclusions. The “zero-covid” policy in China and, specifically, the confinement of Shanghai, continues to occupy the international front pages and is a policy that is beginning to be highly questioned, despite its successes so far in both the number of cases and in mortality, as in economic impact, if we believe the official figures from China. Great expectations regarding the new agency created by the Biden Administration: the ARPS-H (Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health)

If we talk about national health policy (Spain), 50,000 doses of covid have finally been distributed, albeit with great delay compared to the initial promises, although without having agreed on criteria regarding their use. Interesting proposal to the Ministry of Health of the Medical Collegiate Organization (OMC) on medical recertification, which includes a supervisory agency OMC-FACME, similar to a British one.

In the field of companies, from the international point of view, to highlight the declines in sales of covid vaccines. Regarding national news, the announcement of the forthcoming arrival of the HIPRA vaccine should be highlighted.





o President Biden’s memorandum on addressing the “long COVID” ( effects-of-covid-19/). Article on the subject in JAMA magazine:

o Preparedness for the pandemic and covid, an analysis of 177 countries. The relationship between various circumstances and the incidence of covid, as well as mortality, are analyzed ( Comments on this article, the WHO and health systems remain unprepared to deal with a pandemic like covid, which caused 494 million cases and more than 6 million deaths, as of April 5, 2022: https://www.

o Shanghai lockdown shows signs of desperation among the population and lack of food ( )

o The mystery of China with “ómicron”: 280,000 infections and zero deaths (

o The WHO confirms a decrease in new covid cases worldwide, for the third consecutive week ( -covid-cases-around-the-world)

o Covid infections start to fall in the UK (

o Valneva, the Franco-Austrian vaccine against covid, is the sixth approved in the United Kingdom ( -covid-vaccine)

o The FDA authorizes the first breath-based covid test that produces results in less than three minutes ( first-covid-19-breath-test.html)

  • Other themes

o Expectations about the new health agency created by Biden, called ARPA-H (Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health). Editorial in Science magazine (

o The number of people on the NHS waiting list at record high ( -at-record-high)

o The number of primary care physicians (GPs) in the UK, down every year since 2015. Organizations representing doctors say the heavy workload, high expectations of patients, difficulties recruiting non-medical staff and the fear of errors due to overload, at the base of this situation ( -pledge-to-raise-them)

o A lawsuit by Cuban doctors has been accepted by the US justice system, accusing the PAHO (WHO organization for Latin America) of collaborating in the “forced labor” of Cuban doctors sent to Brazil (https://www.



o Spain, the rich country where life expectancy fell the most due to the pandemic, after the United States ( /664683895_0.html)

o The covid increased health spending in 2020 by 10.9%, a record figure ( -a-109-a-figure-record)

o The Ministry of Health has already distributed 50,000 doses of Paxlovid in Spain (

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o Three cases of childhood hepatitis of unknown origin detected in Spain, following an international alert from the WHO and the ECDC, originating in the United Kingdom ( in-spain-the-first-case-of-an-infantile-hepatitis-of-unknown-origin.html)

o Spain, at the tail of the large European markets in access to cancer and orphan drugs ( -europeans-in-access-oncology-drugs-and-orphans.html)

o The Government wants to reduce tobacco consumption, without prohibiting smoking ( prohibition.html)

o The Collegiate Medical Organization (OMC) makes a proposal to the Ministry of Health on medical recertification according to the English model with three measures. It proposes that the OMC-FACME could be the supervisory agency, similar to the “Professionals Standards Authority for Health and Social Care”, of the United Kingdom ( English-model-of -medical-recertification-with-3-measures-of-competence-6828)

o The Spanish transplant model triumphs in Latin America, where organ donation grew by 100% between 2005 and 2019 (

o Harassment of women who go to abortion clinics is declared a crime, through a modification of the Penal Code ( html)

o Family Medicine, Anesthesiology, Psychiatry and Radiodiagnosis, among the specialties that will have to increase their MIR offer to alleviate the deficit, according to a recent report ( -five-years-the-lack-of-planning-in-medical-templates.html)


  • International News

o Walgreens, the American pharmacy chain, flooded the market with opiates and is accused of creating addicts (

o GSK, about to buy Sierra Oncology for 1,500 million pounds to boost its oncology offer (

o The vaccine business drops, with a 21% drop in sales ( 664183929_0.html)

  • National News

o Farmaindustria pays 452 million to the State for excess public spending on medicines in 2018 and 2019 ( medications/663433943_0.html)

o The HIPRA vaccine will arrive between May and June, according to Minister Morant (

o Boehringer Ingelheim reinforces its commitment to Spain with an investment in R&D of 42 million in 2021, 23% more than in the previous period ( -bet-on-spain-with-an-investment-of-42-million-in-2021.html)

o Lácer launches its sale process for more than 500 million euros (

o Insparya, the hair business that Cristiano Ronaldo is in, will take its clinics to Milan, Paris and Dubai and will continue to open in Spain ( html)