7 days in healthcare (October 11-17, 2021)


  • A British Parliament report “Coronavirus: Lessons Learned to Date” is highly critical of the government’s policies in the face of the pandemic. The report is not just about covid, but about how decisions are made in government. Confinement was not decreed until March 24, 2020 in the United Kingdom (BMJ, Oct 15, 21)
  • “Decarbonization of the health sector in the US”, NEJM article on the need to take decarbonization measures in the health sector, which represents 8.5% of C02 emissions (NEJM, 13 Oct 21)
  • The WHO warns that progress in tuberculosis was slowed by the pandemic. Mortality from tuberculosis rose for the first time in more than a decade (FT, Oct 14 21)
  • Vaccination of the poorest countries is vital for recovery (FT, Oct 12, 21)
  • Ten WHO commitments in favor of climate action, defining global warming as the most serious threat to health facing humanity (Note WHO, Oct 11, 21)
  • The success of mRNA vaccines opens prospects for a new generation of drugs (FT, Oct 13, 21)
  • In the USA, covid cases fell by 22%, leaving hope that the worst has already passed (FT, Oct 11 21)
  • The WHO appoints the experts in charge of reactivating the investigations on the origin of the covid (El País, 13 Oct 21)
  • The WHO officially defines persistent covid as a disease (La Vanguardia, Oct 11, 21)
  • The FDA authorizes E-cigarettes for the first time in the American market (NYT, 12 Oct 21)
  • A new therapy eliminates head and neck tumors in terminally ill patients (The Guardian, 11 Oct 21)
  • Only one in seven cases of covid in Africa has been diagnosed, while less than 5% of Africans have received the full vaccination schedule (El País, 14 Oct 21)
  • Human guinea pigs in Brazil, authorities study 200 deaths in the study of an experimental drug against covid (El País, 14 Oct 21)
  • This is how COVAX has failed, in its attempt to vaccinate the world against covid (El País, 12 Oct 21)
  • The release of patents is paralyzed in Brussels, in favor of COVAX (Medical Staff, Oct 14 21)
  • The EU pharmaceutical strategy approved in the European Parliament committee (Acta Sanitaria, 12 Oct 21)




  • Covid: the incidence remains at 40 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, but the deaths remain above 50 a day (El Mundo, 16 Oct 21)
  • The scientists who participated in the creation of the covid vaccine have an appointment in Oviedo at the “Princess of Asturias” awards (La Nueva España, 13 Oct 21)
  • The Spanish Society of Psychiatry rejects the draft of the Podemos Mental Health Law (El Debate, 13 Oct 21)
  • Psychiatrists see Sánchez’s mental health plan as “populist” and unfounded, which includes 100 million euros (La Nueva España, Oct 12, 21)
  • The deans of medicine warn that in five years half of the doctors who teach will retire and there is no relief. Ways are being sought to increase the incentives and rigidity of the ANECA accreditation system (El País, 12 Oct 21)
  • Andalusian primary care takes to the streets to ask for a comprehensive reform of the service (El Confidencial, Oct 14 21)
  • The PP plans to repeal the abortion law (the one of terms, not the one of assumptions), although the Constitutional law endorses it (El País, 13 Oct 21)
  • Those over 69 years of age will receive the flu vaccine and the third dose of the covid vaccine in the same act. The procedure will begin on October 25 (La Vanguardia, Oct 13 21)
  • The OMC (Organización Médica Colegial) warns of the risk of increased organ trafficking (Acta Sanitaria, 13 Oct 21)
  • The Amancio Ortega Foundation will help implement proton therapy in the SNS, through donations (ConSalud, 13 Oct 21)
  • Argimón: we are not asking for the MIR exam, but for co-governance (ConSalud, 13 Oct 21)
  • Biocat appoints new director: Robert Fabregat (PlantaDoce 14 Oct 21)



  • The Age and Life and Technology and Health Foundations publish a report on homecare: “Future model: Home technology to support social and health care” (diariofarma, 14 Oct 21)
  • Medtronic brings the Da Vinci competitor surgical robot (HUGO) to Spain. There are 80 Da Vinci robots installed in our country, which will reach 90 by the end of the year (El Economista, Oct 14 21)
  • The German pharmaceutical company Curevac renounces its vaccine against covid (El Periódico de España, 12 Oct 21)
  • The Spanish Top Doctors raises more than 11 million to implement its telemedicine platform (CincoDías, 14 Oct 21)
  • The Werfen medical group (a Catalan medical diagnostics company, with a presence in 30 countries, linked to the Rubiralta family) makes an issue of 300 million euros (CincoDías, 15 Oct 21)
  • Iñaki Peralta (CEO Sanitas): “The coronavirus will have a small impact on the price of premiums” (CincoDías, 14 Oct 21)
  • Apax explores the sale of UNILABS, including its businesses in Spain (CincoDías, 12 Oct 21)
  • Health in code: agreement to promote precision medicine in Germany (PlantaDoce, 14 Oct 21)
  • Ribera and the Consellería formalize the transfer of the Torrevieja Hospital to public management (Valencia Plaza, 15 Oct 21)
  • Adeslas creates a virtual training campus for its professionals (SegurCaixaAdeslas official note, 14 Oct 21)
  • Genesis Care bets on Spain with an investment of 40 million in three years (PlantaDoce, 13 Oct 21)
  • Alliance Healthcare launches its new headquarters in Viladecans (PlantaDoce, 14 Oct 21)

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